15 Novembre 2016 Comments Off

Nagios XI 5.3.0 Released Nagios is pleased to announce the release of Nagios XI 5.3.0. This release includes improvements to the back-end memory usage, improved stability of Nagios XI, and overall better performance

2 Agosto 2016 Comments Off

We are pleased to announce new releases of Nagios Core, NDOUtils, and Nagios Plugins package! This new Nagios release updates three of the main components of many Nagios installations: Nagios Core, the industry-leading

30 Marzo 2016 Comments Off

Nagios Incident Manager 2.0 features new UI and advanced incident escalations The updated UI in Nagios Incident Manager 2.0. Nagios Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce our most recent release: Incident Manager 2.0.

8 Gennaio 2016 Comments Off

Nagios Network Analyzer 2.2.0 We have released Nagios Network Analyzer 2.2.0.  This release includes key feature additions and updates, including backup and restore capabilities for all system and Network Flow data. The release

8 Gennaio 2016 Comments Off

Nagios Log Server 1.4.0Abbiamo rilasciato la versione 1.4.0 di Nagios Log Server. Questa nuova versione include nuove funzionalità e aggiornamenti, come un elasticsearch curator, che facilità le funzionalità di backup e snapshot più