New Nagios releases: Core, NDOUtils, and Plugins

2 Agosto 2016 SnetAdmin Comments Off

We are pleased to announce new releases of Nagios Core, NDOUtils, and Nagios Plugins package!

This new Nagios release updates three of the main components of many Nagios installations:

  • Nagios Core, the industry-leading monitoring engine
  • NDOUtils, used to record Nagios Core results in a MySQL database
  • Nagios Plugins, which Core uses to check the many servers in your environment

Some highlights of the new versions include:

Nagios Core
  • Security fixes
  • Improved support for BSD
  • Added host name to the website page title
  • Various bugs addressed
  • Improved performance
  • Cross-platform changes
  • More strict checking of return codes
Nagios Plugins
  • Various new flags and features
  • IPv6 support for check_snmp
  • Numerous bugfixes

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