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Installation of NRPE agent on CentOS/RHEL 6 and 7 This article intends to give the reader a brief introduction on how to install and configure the EPEL upstream version of the NRPE agent

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4 steps to turn on simple BSM in your system Whitepaper: How to build a business service management bridge between it and business Business service management (BSM) is about bridging the gap between

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How to monitor MongoDB servers using contributed Management Pack This howto will cover the basic steps involved to get you started with MongoDB monitoring using community plugins in combination with our Management Packs.

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This how-to will guide you to monitor your Windows server using WMI. This will allow you to do checks from op5 on Windows hosts without installing any agent in Windows. FAQ What is

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Introduction In the event-logs in Microsoft Windows almost all events are logged. Sometimes you might want to be notified when a certain event happens in the system. The purpose of this article is

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Monitoring and graphing Windows performance counters This how-to covers how to monitor and graph a Windows performance counter in op5 Monitor. Monitoring the performance counter In perfmon, select a performance counter that you

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How to Monitoring Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft Active Directory is used to share user list, provide single sign on and other central features in large Microsoft based workstation and server networks. Active Directory is

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This how-to is for monitoring Windows hosts using WMI through NSClient++. For agentless monitoring of Windows hosts please see this how-to: Agentless Monitoring of Windows using WMI Introduction Using op5 Monitor in combination with

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The purpose of this article is to describe how-to set up agentless monitoring of a Citrix XenServer using op5 Monitor. The plugin uses the XEN API to communicate with the XenServer so no changes

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