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How to monitor windows servers with WMI

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This how-to is for monitoring Windows hosts using WMI through NSClient++. For agentless monitoring of Windows hosts please see this how-to: Agentless Monitoring of Windows using WMI


Using op5 Monitor in combination with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) system administrators can query, change, and monitor configuration settings on desktops and servers in their IT environment.
In this how-to we will add a service looking for accounts that are enabled in Windows and have their password set to never expire. The monitoring is made by using check_nrpe with the agent NSClient++ using CheckWMI.
More information about WMI classes:


Before we can start monitoring Windows servers using WMI we need to make sure NSClient++ is installed and configured to allow arguments.

Configuring NSClient++

When we are making changes to the NSClient++ configuration we shall make them in the file called: custom.ini It is found in the colder where NSClient++ is installed on the host.
To configure NSClient++,

  1. Open up custom.ini in Notepad
  2. Add the following lines to custom.ini[NRPE]
  3. Restart the NSClient++ service

Adding a check_command to op5 Monitor

Now we will add a new check_command to op5 Monitor. This check_command will let you set a few arguments when adding a new service later on.
To add check_command to op5 Monitor:

  1. Open up Configure in op5 Monitor
  2. Click “Commands”
  3. Add a new check_command with the following settings
Option Value
command_name check_WMI_nopasswordexpiry
command_line $USER1$/opt/plugins/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 5666 -c CheckWMI -a truncate=100 CheckWMI MaxCrit=$ARG2$ MaxWarn=$ARG1$ “Query:badUsers=Select Name, PasswordExpires, Disabled from Win32_UserAccount” “columnSyntax=%Name%” “columnSeparator= , ” +filter-numeric:PasswordExpires==0 +filter-numeric:Disabled==0

$ARG1$: Warning level
$ARG2$: Critical level

Adding a service to op5 Monitor

To add a new service to op5 Monitor:

  1. Open up the host you like to monitor and chose “Add new service”.
  2. Set at least the following options:
    Option Value
    service_description WMI: Enabled accounts with passwords that never expires
    check_command check_WMI_nopasswordexpiry
    check_command_args 1!2
  3. Click “Apply” and then “Save”.

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