op5 New Release 7.3.7

17 Febbraio 2017 SnetAdmin Comments Off

New Release Available: OP5 Monitor version 7.3.7

The OP5 Development Team is proud to announce the newest micro release of OP5 Monitor version 7.3.7. This release brings some new improvements and fixes to the previous version 7.3.6 which will give our customers added capabilities and functionality when monitoring their IT systems.

What is new in OP5 Monitor version 7.3.7?

In the latest version of OP5 Monitor we primarily address application performance improvements and the overall quality of the product.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements:

  • A restart of a non-poller node no longer displays the debug message “poller-fix: We’re not a poller, so not fixing object config”
  • Improvements for clustered OP5 Monitor installations:
    • All nodes in an OP5 Monitor cluster can now show last notification time for objects. previously, nodes not responsible for sending notifications would display “N/A” instead of the last notification time.
    • Rrdcached is now started automatically after upgrade
    • In an OP5 Monitor cluster, master nodes that notifies instead of a poller no longer wait for a check result to be sent to fellow nodes before the notification data is sent to them. This minimizes the amount of error messages logged by the application.
    • In systems where a master node is configured to send notifications on behalf of a poller, it is now possible to include the plugin long output in the notification message.
    • Fixed a problem that caused Merlin to not start writing a binary log of state changes when it loses contact with another node. The problem was caused by /var/lib/merlin/binlogs not existing or having wrong permissions.
  • The about box now displays which OP5 Monitor license customers have installed (requires system_information access).
  • Improvements in the Red Hat 7 / CentOS 7 beta release:
    • Logger is now using Rsyslog (which is the default logger daemon on RHEL/CentOS 7 systems) instead of Syslog-ng.
    • If you are running logger with custom rules for syslog-ng, you can start to prepare to update them so that you can transition to use rsyslog in the EL7 release of Monitor. If you are using EL6 and would like to run rsyslog you will have to update to the EL7 version of Monitor.
    • op5config, our web-based system configuration utility, has been removed from EL7 installations due to compatibility issues.

We have made a new beta-version of OP5 Monitor for RHEL/CentOS 7 available as a virtual machine image, to give our customers a chance to test their own configuration and integrations as soon as possible and report any local problems found. More information is available in this how to. To update the existing beta-version, just run yum update.

Please Note: A full list of features and fixes included in version 7.3.7 can be found in the new Release Note Archive on our Knowledge Base at

All improvements and fixes applied to OP5 Monitor are based on the requests and suggestions of our customers. We are constantly moving forward with the goal to make OP5 Monitor a more powerful, scalable, and hybrid solution to keep your organization proactive, productive and profitable. 

How do I upgrade to OP5 Monitor version 7.3.7?

Upgrading to the newest version of OP5 Monitor is easy. Just click the update notification in the OP5 Monitor web interface, use yum update on the command line, OR download the latest tarsal for offline installation.