New version of Net LineDancer

2 Settembre 2016 SnetAdmin Comments Off

New Release Available: Net Line Dancer v. 16

LogicVein released a new version of Net LineDancer (netLD), our innovative network configuration software today. Net LineDancer is a product that enables network engineers to successfully manage their network devices’ configurations, including routers and switches. It provides inventory reports, configuration comparison and history, detailed software and hardware information of their devices, automated detection of configuration changes, integration with network monitoring systems, and password change. The product also comes with a powerful web-based user interface that allows users to perform all tasks with ease.

Net LineDancer is one of LogicVein’s innovative solutions focused on network management domain. While originally made in the United States in 2006, it was further perfected in Japan by American developers. In 2012, the company made its international debut into the United States, allowing for Net LineDancer’s return to the country.

Some of the new features of Net LineDancer v16 include:

· Cross-Network Management

· Device File Attachment

· Authentication Audit Logging

· Smart Bridge Reverse Connection

· Backup over Jumphost: when performing device operations.

· Configuration Change View: for seeing a history of configuration changes across all devices.

To view all of the new features for Net LineDancer v16, visit

When the network is down, it can cause serious damage to productivity and sales. It has been reported that damage costs can go up to 1% of gross annual sales. Human-error in network device configuration comprises more than 75% of network failures. In order to prevent this, LogicVein developed the innovative netLD and continues to improve it.

Net LineDancer is designed to drastically reduce the costs of network configuration and change management (NCCM) by tracking configuration changes as well as helping to automate changes, decreasing the chances of human error and hastening the recovery when it occurs.

LogicVein will be showcasing the new release at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in the Emerging Technology section from October 16-20.

LogicVein is offering a 30-day free trial to anyone interested in the product. The program can be downloaded straight from their website ( The evaluation license may be activated online, which requires an internet connection on the target installation machine, or offline, by specifying the MAC address of the Ethernet card in the target installation machine.

On top of our 30-day free trial, we are also offering a free 30-minute demonstration ( with one of the company’s engineers. Through the demonstration, individuals can learn about specific product features or tools, ask questions about the product, obtain competitive pricing, and training.